Atlantic Circle Bibliography

I used numerous sources in researching and preparing for the Atlantic Circle.   Some of those sources are documented below.
Document Title Author Publisher Comments
The Atlantic Crossing Guide Anne Hammick and Gaven McLaren Adlard Coles Nautical
International Marine
Good information on ports of entry in Europe.  Somewhat more oriented toward cruises from Europe rather than to Europe.
Atlantic Islands Anne Hammick Imray Laurie Norie & Wilson Contains detailed information on the Azores, Canary, and Cape Verde Islands
Paris by Boat David Jefferson Adlard Coles Nautical Good information on cruising the Seine to Paris.  Oriented toward British cruisers on a 2 -3 week holiday.
The Channel to the Med Derek Bowskill Redwood Books Lots of detailed information on the French Waterways oriented toward ocean going yachts transiting between the English Channel and the Mediterranean Sea.  Best guide I have found for my planned trip through these waterways.
River Seine Cruising Guide Derek Bowskill Imray Laurie Norie & Wilson Detailed information on cruising the Seine from Le Havre to Paris and beyond.  Probably not a lot of information that is not in his other book, above, but it is a more convenient size.
Cruising French Waterways Hugh McKnight Sheridan House This is a fairly comprehensive book with extensive detailed descriptions of the various waterways.  I will probably use it to expand upon or validate the information in the Bowskill book, which remains the best guide I have found for my planned trip.
Inland Waterways of France David Edwards-May Imray Laurie Norie & Wilson Large volume with a great deal of navigation detail on all of the waterways.  More detail in this regard and better charts than the Bowskill book.  Less information on the scenic and cultural attractions of the various routes.
Through the French Canals Philip Bristow Adlard Coles Nautical This little book provides no information that is not available in the other books listed on the French Waterways.  It appears to be oriented toward the tourist cruiser on a hotel or self drive rental barge.  The information provided is very limited but it does cover all of the waterways.
Carte de France Des Voies Navigables, Mini-Atlas N/A Vagnon Good chart of the entire French Waterway system, including some coverage of Belgium.  Charts of the individual waterway regions will be required for proper navigation.
Atlantic Spain & Portugal Anne Hammick, Oz Robinson Imray Laurie Norie & Wilson Now that I've decided to bypass the French Canals and sail down the Iberian coast to the Med, most of the books above will go into the storage bin.  Now I have to learn more about the Iberian coast and this book is my starting point.
Commodores Bulletin Many Seven Seas Cruising Association Cruising information from those out there doing it.  Most of the information is for the Caribbean, Mexico, and the South Pacific, but still contains occasional reports on Atlantic crossings and the Mediterranean as well as transits of the French Waterways.  The SSCA website has been greatly enhanced in recent months.
World Cruising Handbook Jimmy Cornell, Doina Cornell McGaw/Hill Contains basic information (description, entry regulations, and facilities) on virtually every cruising destination in the world.  By nature the information in this books is perishable with time.  By the time my edition was published (1994) a certain amount of the information was probably no longer accurate.  Since that time more and more of the information is no longer accurate.  Still you have to start somewhere.  I don't know if Jimmy has published a more recent edition, but it would appear that his website, (see below) is the medium through which he and his daughter are providing the lastest information.  The book provides a convenient place to start one's research, but all information should be validated against more up-to-date sources (such as, SSCA, etc.). Doina Cornell Compilation of information from and for world cruisers.  Contains the latest information on customs and entry requirements for a large number of ports of entry.  Also latest information on the dreaded VAT tax in the EU.
S/V Whoosh Jack & Patricia Tyler Articles from S/V Whoosh Articles on European Cruising from Jack & Patricia Tyler.  Jack & Patricia have just begun their cruise in 2003 and currently (September) are in England working their way to London for the winter.  They did a lot of research prior to leaving and have been consulting other cruisers in each port in which they have stopped.  They have documented their experience so far on a number of subjects and have allowed me to publish them on my site.  They intend to keep the current articles up to date as they learn more.  They will also had more pages as they find new subjects that they believe are of interest to the cruising community and on which they believe they have acquired enough knowledge for worthwhile sharing.
Costas del Sol and Blanca John Marchment Imray Laurie Norie & Wilson RCC cruising guide to the Mediterranean coast of Spain
Islas Baleares John Marchment Imray Laurie Norie & Wilson RCC cruising guide to the Balearic Islands of Spain
Italian Waters Pilot Rod Heikell Imray Laurie Norie & Wilson Cruising guide to the coasts of Italy and the islands of Sardinia, Sicily and Malta.