Mill and Cuckold Creeks off the Patuxent River

Click on chart to view at higher resolutionThe entrance to Mill and Cuckold Creek is just above Pt. Patience to port as you head up river.  These creeks offer the first really decent anchorages on the river, and are commonly used by the Snowbird fleet heading to and from the ICW in the fall and spring, respectively.  As you head into the entrance you will see Clark's Landing directly ahead.  To starboard is Cuckold Creek and to Port is Mill Creek.  Cuckold Creek has the most facilities, including several large marinas, and boat traffic.  The best anchorages are in Mill Creek.  The most convenient place to anchor is in the large bight to port as you make the turn into the creek.  However this anchorage is often used by water skiers, many of whom delight in weaving between the anchored boats.  This makes for a lot of rock and roll until after sunset when the skiers generally leave.

Our preferred anchorage is further up Mill Creek, past Hickory Landing Creek  to bend back to the SE, where there is small anchorage with 10' of depth and a no wake zone.

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Relaxing on Sation Omega
Anchored in Mill Creek, about half-way up - just past Hickory Landing Creek.  Chillin' out on the fly bridge of Station Omega (Marine Trader 38).   That's Doris, Ryan and Sue dealing with the stress of a Sunday afternoon in Mill Creek.  Actually Doris is probably putting some stress on Gene (unseen) to make sure he gets her back to the dock so she can watch her beloved Redskins on the marina TV.