Sailing Videos
I've recently uploaded to YouTube a number of videos of my sailing cruises from the last 20 years. Most of them are spread over this website on the pages that I've created for each cruise.  On this page I've consolidated most of the videos in one place
Chesapeake to Bermuda in 2001  
Bermuda to the Chesapeake in 2001  
Navigation on the 2001 Bermuda Cruise  
AICW in 2004  
The Bahamas to Bermuda in 2005  
Bermuda to Flores das Azores in 2005  
Cruising the Azores, Part 1 - Flores  
Cruising the Azores, Part 2 - Faial and Sao Jorge  
Cruising the Azores, Part 3 - Terceira and Sao Miguel  
Sao Miguel to Cascais, PT in 2005  
Homeward Bound
Portugal to the Chesapeake Bay in 2007
Part 1 - Lagos to Madeira
Part 2 - Madeira to Bermuda