Website Update Log

Welcome Aboard Whoosh

WHOOSH and her crew, fresh from an Atlantic passage, in Horta, Faial, Azores – July 2003


You have found WHOOSH’s website, a portion of the larger website  John Stevenson has been kind enough to create on our behalf.

The purpose of WHOOSH’s section is threefold:

1.  Pearson 424 Information:  Information on our 1979 Pearson 424 Ketch and what it’s  like to cruise with her.

2.  European Cruising Information:  Information on a) how to set up any boat, especially those built for North America, for European cruising, and b) to help prepare her crew for some unique issues regarding European cruising.

3.  South Pacific Cruising Information:  Information related to both the boat and crew for cruising in the South Pacific and beyond.


At the time this is being written (June, 2009), we’ve owned WHOOSH for 14 years and cruised her for 8, almost 3 in the Caribbean and 5 in Atlantic & European waters.  You’ll find thoughts about both the boat and European cruising available here now.  Beyond that, we are now shifting our sights to the Pacific, which opens up an entirely new panorama of preparations – for both the boat and crew – and no doubt new discoveries to share, as well.  We hope to begin writing these as our Summer 2009 preparations for the Pacific begin.


Jack & Patricia Tyler


Homeport:  St. Petersburg, FL USA