Bermuda is probably the most common off-shore destination for East Coast sailors in the U.S.  It is far enough off-shore (> 600 nm) to be a true off-shore passage, but close enough so that most sailing vessels can complete the trip within the normal working person's vacation limitations.

Each summer hundreds of east coast boats make the passage.  Some participate in the various racing venues, others just make the trip as a cruise.  Cruising sailors have the option of going alone or in a rally with other boats.

Bermuda also serves as a convenient stopping point for boats sailing trans-Atlantic, to or from Europe.

I have sailed to Bermuda on five separate occasions.  The first two times were as crew for a friend in the Bermuda Ocean Race or BOR (Annapolis, MD to St. Georges).  The third time was a cruise (BOC 2001) on my Pearson 424 Ketch, Sarah.  The fourth was as a leg of my Atlantic Circle (AC 2005) in 2005.  The fifth time was on the way back to the U.S.A. from Portugal in 2007 (AC 2007).

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I returned to Bermuda for probably the final times as part of my Atlantic Circle cruise in 2005 - 2007, but one never knows...

The 1986 BOR was my first off-shore race.
In 1988 we once more raced in the BOR.
In 2001 we returned to Bermuda on Sarah.
In 2005 we sailed from the Bahamas to Bermuda as the first leg of a transatlantic sail to Europe.  This was the first part of my Atlantic Circle cruise on Sarah.
In 2007 I returned to Bermuda on my return to the Chesapeake Bay from Europe.