The Sailing Section of the web site covers my nearly life long interest and participation in sailing.  I have grouped this section into the menu list shown on the left.  The Overview is this page.
Sailing Videos.  I've created a lot of videos of my cruises on Sarah and have collected most of then on this page. 
My Previous Boats: Sarah is my third boat.  Not that many for over 40 years of boat ownership.  Each boat was a step along the path of gaining more experience, confidence, and ambition for sailing adventures.
Chesapeake Bay: Most of the first 30 years of my personal sailing experience was on the Chesapeake Bay and I have documented many of my favorite cruising destinations under the Chesapeake Bay menu item on the left.
Intra-Coastal Waterway: Although I had no ambition to become a regular "Snowbird" on the ICW, it appears that is what I have become since 2008.   The Intra-Coastal Waterway menu selection provides pictures and description of my trips on the ICW, from the Chesapeake Bay to Fort Pierce, FL in 2004 and the unplanned ICW trip in 2008 on the way to the Bahamas, and several more trips between Florida and the Chesapeake Bay.
Bermuda is the most popular off-shore sailing destination for sailors on the East Coast of the USA.  I have documented my five trips to Bermuda under that menu item.
Atlantic Circle: In 2007 I completed an Atlantic Circle Cruise from the USA to Europe and return.  This cruise lasted three years and is documented under the Atlantic Circle menu item.
The Bahamas: This set of web pages covers my cruise to the Bahamas during the winter of 2008-2009, and a return trip for the winter of 2014.
My Friends' Boats: Most of my friends are sailors and own sailboats.  I've included pictures of many of these boats under My Friends' Boats.
More Boats: I've also included pictures of other boats, owners unknown, in the More Boats section.
Tools & Techniques: Over the years I've developed or stolen a lot of tools and techniques that I use when cruising on Sarah.  I've documented some of these under Tools & Techniques.  These tools include several computer programs to aid in navigation and ship management.
Weather Stuff: I spent over 7 years in the U.S. Air Force, initially as a weather forecaster later as a computer programmer for a weather communications network.  Sailing has helped me maintain a lifelong interest in this subject and I've included some of that interest under Weather Stuff.
Capt. Lou Kenedy: Finally Lou Kenedy was probably the most interesting and unique sailor I've ever met.  Under the Capt. Lou Kenedy menu is copy of a four part Saturday Evening Post Magazine article on Lou's life, written in the 1950s.