Sarah's Documentation
This page provides links to most of the manuals and documentation associated with the equipment installed or carried on board Sarah (as of March, 2017).  These are the latest versions of the manuals I have uploaded to this website.  There may be later manuals available from the manufacturer's website.

Index to Equipment Groups

Sailing Instruments
Deck and Rigging
Galley and Cabin
Canvas and Sails

Equpment Item Documentation
Raymarine ST6001+ Owners Manual
Raymarine ST6002 Owners Manual
Raymarine S3 Course Computer Installation
Raymarine Linear Drive Installation
Raymarine Wireless Smart Controller Owners Manual
Sailing Instruments
Raymarine ST60+ Wind Instrument Owners Manual
Quick Reference Guide
Test Instructions
Raymarine ST60+ Knotmeter Owners Manual
Raymarine ST60 Depthmeter Owners Manual
Ritchie Globemaster Compass Owners Manual
Brookhouse NMEA Multiplexer Installation
Owners Manual
Baudrate Conversion
Weems & Plath 4002 Baromenter Owners Manual
Raymarine Raystar 125 GPS Owners Manual
Raymarine C-Series MFD Owners Manual
Quick Reference Guide
Screen Cleaning
CF Card Formating
Gramin GPS60 Owners Manual
Garmin GPS72 Owners Manual
PYI MaxProp Installation
Velvet Drive Ratings
Service Manual
Walter V-Drive Owners Manual
Yanmar 4JH4-AE Performance Plan
ICOM M402 VHF Owners Manual
ICOM M802 HF/SSB Owners Manual
SCS PTC Wiring
Frequency Channel Discussion
Programming Guide (courtesy of Dockside Radio)
SGC 230 Antenna Tuner Installation and Operation
Furuno NX300 Navtext Receiver Owners Manual
Edgeport Com to USB Adapter Owners Manual
Xantrex Battery Charger Owners Manual
Blue Sea 7600 ACR Owners Manual
Blue Sea 9630 AC Ammeter Owners Manual
Blue Sea 9009 AC Rotary Switch Owners Manual
Rigging and Ground Tackle
Quick Hector 1500W Windlass Owners Manual
Monitor Windvane Owners Manual
Parts Diagram 1
Parts Diagram 2
Parts Diagram 3
Parts Diagram 4
Parts Diagram 5
Parts Diagram 6
Parts Diagram 7
Lewmar Ocean Hatches Ftting Guide
Fitting and Adjustment Instructions
Spare Parts Book Vol 1
Edson Steering Brake Installation
Engine Controls
Pedestal Re-painting
Shaft Replacement
Steering Inspection Guide
Pearson 424 Data Sheet
Andersen 45ST Winch Owners Manual
Galley and Cabin
Force 10 Euro 3-Burner Stove Owners Manual
63356 Dimensions
Thermocouple Ground Tech Notes
Seafrost Refrigeration SA3 Owners Manual
ED Owners Manual
Clutch Coil Replacement
ED 134A Compressor Replacement
SA3 Twin Valve Electronic Thermostat Wiring Diagram
SA3 Twin Valve Layout Diagram
SA3 Thermostat Wiring Diagram
SA3 Dual Solenoid Control Panel
March 2CP-MD Pump Manual
Raritan Hot Water Heater Owners Manual
Shore Water Pressure Regulator (not installed) Owners Manual
Canvas and Sails
General Fastener Selection Guide (SailRite)
SailRite Yachtsman Sewing Machine Owners Manual
Neil Pride Sails Owners Manual