The Little Choptank River

The Little Choptank River offers a number of interesting and protected anchorages.  The first time I sailed to the Little Choptank on my HR25 I anchored in the open river behind James Island.    On a hot night with no threatening weather that anchorage provided whatever breeze was available and also provided a nice view of the vessels transiting the bay at night.  That boat only drew 3 1/2'.  I doubt I could do that with Sarah.  The more commonly used anchorages are in Hudson Creek and Fishing Creek.

When entering the Little Choptank you need to give the broad shoal extending out from James Island a wide berth.  The safest approach from the south is turn at the #2 Nun just WNW of the top of James Island and head directly for the Little Choptank #1 light.  Keep on this course until the depth meter reads around 15' and then head SE leaving the string of light marks, #3 and #5, well to port.  Turn east at the #5 and the second creek on the port is Hudson Creek.  Fishing Creek is further up the river to starboard.

Click on picture to view at full resolutionThis the view from the anchorage just inside Hudson Creek, behind Casson Pt.   This is a very comfortable anchorage as long as the wind is SW.  If the wind goes due S or SE with any strength you will get a little chop rolling in off the river.

Because this is an ideal anchorage in the normal SW winds of the summer it is normally full of boats every Saturday night.

When Hudson Creek is full or the winds are not SW, we normally head into Fishing Creek.